domenica 19 giugno 2022

Baxter Black (1945-2022)

BENSON, ARIZONA - Approfittate della scomparsa di Baxter Black per scoprire assieme a noi l'esistenza della poesia cowboy, di cui il buon Baxter era fautore. Dopo aver curato mucche e cavalli per circa un ventennio, infatti, il veterinario Baxter Black divenne uno dei più noti poeti cowboy del mondo... il che è tutto dire! Cosa? Non avete ancora capito che cosa sia la poesia cowboy? Ok, ora ve ne daremo un prezioso esempio:
The West

They don’t call it Death Valley for nuthin’
           And coyotes don’t make a good pet
      But livin’ out here with the griz and the deer
                you pretty much take what you get

And the Rockies have shoulders like granite
           They’re big and they make their own rules
      So take what you need but you better pay heed
                  ‘Cause the mountain don’t tolerate fools

And the wind is the moan of the prairie
            That haunts and bedevils the plains
      The soul stealin’ kind that can fray a man’s mind
                  Till only his whimper remains

You can stand in the canyon’s cathedral
            Where water and sky never rest
      And you know in your bones that the meek, on their own
                  Will never inherit the West

It’s wild and it’s wide and it’s lonesome
            Where the dream of first blood still survives
      And it beckons to those who can bid adios
                  To the comfort of 8 to 5 lives

So come all you brave caballeros
            Cinch up and reach down inside
      Till you feel the heat, then take a deep seat
                  ‘Cause the West, boys, she ain’t broke to ride

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