domenica 10 gennaio 2010

Sam Davis (1951-2010)

LIVERPOOL, UK - Aspetta e spera... Sam Davis, meglio noto come Eric Shark, cantante della glam/punk/art rock band di Liverpool, i Deaf School, non ha avuto il polmone che poteva salvargli la vita ed è andato al creatore.

Una volta il fondatore di Mojo Paul Du Noyer dichiarò:
In the whole history of Liverpool music two bands matter most, one is The Beatles and the other is Deaf School. If that seems like a sweeping statement then consider this: after the pop revolution of the 1960s led by The Beatles and other Merseyside groups, it looked as if the city's music scene had dried up forever. But in 1975 there came a motley band of Liverpool art students called Deaf School. And they were the catalyst for the most dramatic revival since Lazarus. Their impact on the city is with us to this day.
Nelle ultime date della band, lo scorso settembre, Sam ha cantato seduto ai tavoli col microfono in una mano e una bombola d'ossigeno nell'altra.

What a way to end it all.


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