venerdì 23 ottobre 2009

Maryanne Amacher (1943-2009)

KINGSTON, NY - Muore oggi la più grande scultrice di suoni dell'intero universo, Maryanne Amacher. Dopo aver studiato composizione con Stockhausen, incominciò la sua ricerca sui suoni arrivando a creare brani che, se ascoltati a specifiche condizioni (giusta disposizione degli altoparlanti e giusto volume), permettevano ai padiglioni auricolari dell'ascoltatore di creare delle risonanze illusorie, uno su tutti l'album Sound Characters (Making the Third Ear).
When played at the right sound level, which is quite high and exciting, the tones in this music will cause your ears to act as neurophonic instruments that emit sounds that will seem to be issuing directly from your head... My audiences discover they are producing a tonal dimension of the music which interacts melodically, rhythmically, and spatially with the tones in the room. Tones "dance" in the immediate space of their body, around them like a sonic wrap, cascade inside ears, and out to space in front of their eyes... Do not be alarmed! Your ears are not behaving strange or being damaged!... These virtual tones are a natural and very real physical aspect of auditory perception, similar to the fusing of two images resulting in a third three dimensional image in binocular perception... I want to release this music which is produced by the listener...

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